Good wine starts in the vineyard. While the winemaking is critical, the quality of the fruit shows in the end product.

Tapi fruit is 100% single vineyard, and completely organic, allowing the wine to display its provenance.

“I believe organics is the best way to achieve high fruit quality, along with many other benefits. Organics to me is about working with your site’s strengths and using natural means to increase soil, plant and animal health.”

With healthy, living soil, vines are able to access more nutrient in the form they require. Soil structure improves so water and oxygen is more readily available to the roots of the plant. Beneficial plants, fungi, bacteria and animals are able to thrive, which reduces disease pressure.  This in turn gives naturally balanced vines and fruit, which is concentrated, complex and shows site expression.

“I find the wines to be more interesting - you’re not creating a monoculture, in fact you’re encouraging the opposite, and as a result you have a product showing originality.”